• Overview

Prevention is always better than cure.

Department of anaesthesia and pain management is a 24-hr perioperative service encompassing pre-anaesthesia assessment, intraoperative anaesthesia, anaesthesia in areas outside of the operating room, acute postoperative pain management and tertiary trauma care.

The Anaesthesia department at Noble Hospital provides world-class anaesthetic services for all surgical specialties within the hospital, in addition to 24-hour on-call emergency cover. We are a group of 7 consultant anaesthetists and 5 DNB students providing anaesthesia, pain and critical care services in the hospital.

The department is committed to evidence based best practice, continuous quality improvement, research and teaching.

The hospital has 10 operating theatres, which cater for all major types of adult and paediatric surgeries. These include orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, urology and renal transplantation, plastic surgery, faciomaxillary surgery, ENT/head and neck surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, general surgery & obstetric and gynaecological surgery.

In addition, the department provides expertise in airway management, resuscitation and trauma management. Courses are hosted in airway training, and advanced life support training. The Department promotes quality research, from the small projects of medical students to participation in major multi-centre trials. The department is also active in conducting regular CMEs and workshops as a part of ISA activities.

We are using advanced anaesthetic equipments like fiberoptic bronchoscope, video laryngoscope, ultrasound machine and peripheral nerve stimulator for regional blocks, combined spinal epidural sets, peripheral nerve block catheters, neonatal epidural catheters, I Gel and proseal LMAs, Mini-trach tracheostomy etc.

We have received DNB accreditation since 3 years and also the ‘cGreen OT certification 2014’ from Bureau Veritas, a global certification agency recently.

  • Treatment
The gamut of service offered in the department includes:

Anesthesia for routine surgery

Anesthesia for emergency surgery

Sedation for Endoscopy

Management of intensive care/critically ill patients

Labor analgesia

Post-operative analgesia and pain relief

Pain clinic for chronic pain and palliative care

  • Meet Our Team

Dr. H. K. SALE

Director & Head of the Dept, Anaesthesiology



Profile: MD, DA Anaesthesiology (Mumbai University)

Areas of interest: Neuro – Anaesthesia, Laparoscopic Anaesthesia, and Quality & Infection controls in Hospital

Experience: Post Operative analgesia in Upper abdominal surgery with buprenorphine with various roots for e.g. Epidural, Intra-muscular IV, Sublingual.

Attended several National & International conferences.

Dr. Sandhya Khond

Academic Head



Profile: MD, DA

Dr. Pallavi Butiyani

Position: Dr. Pallavi Butiyani is currently working as Anesthesiologist in Noble Hospital, Pune.


Education: She has completed MBBS and MD (Anesthesiology) from the Shivaji University Kolhapur.

Experience: Before joining Noble Hospital Dr. Pallavi worked as a registrar for KEM hospital, Pune. Also, she worked as a private practitioner at Lonand, Maharashtra.

Expertise: In Noble Hospital, Dr. Pallavi plays an active role in various departments. In neurology department (to resolve the peripheral nerve blocks), obstetrics (labour analgesia), pediatrics (regional anesthesia). She earned name and fame as Anesthetist and Palliative care physician.

She is playing her enormous role by delivering anesthesia before conducting various surgical procedures like cardiac surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and high-risk operations. This helps the surgeon to complete the surgery successfully.

Paper published: he had given her significant contribution in “Comparison of total intravenous anesthesia using Propofol with thiopentone & halothane anesthesia.” Along with this, she presented a paper on “Priming principle using propofol, Coimbatore 2002.”

Dr. Sangeeta Chandrashekar

Position: Administrative head of anesthesia and OT rooms


Education: She has completed MBBS, MD. She completed DA (Anesthesiology) from the Government College of Aurangabad, in 1997.

Expertise: In Noble Hospital, Dr. Sangeeta plays an active role in various departments including Neuro-anesthesia, cardiac anesthesia, pediatric cardiac operations, and high-risk operations.

Paper published: Paper presentation on "Comparison of blood sugar levels in CABG cases under General Anesthesia versus Epidural combined with General Anesthesia, Mysore 2006."

Certifications & Memberships: She is the member of Indian Medical Association.

Dr. Adnanali Sarkar

Position: Consultant


Education: MD

Paper published: Dr. Adnanali published several papers in scientific journals as follows:

  • Comparison of the postoperative analgesia of intravenous infusion of adenosine and fentanyl” in Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics.
  • In 2011 Dr. Sarkar published another paper in Indian Journal of Applied Research on "Attenuation of Pressor Response: A Comparison of Diltiazem and Esmolol."
  • In Oct 2011, she published another paper in Indian Journal of Applied Research on "Anesthetic Management of a Large Sublingual Dermoid Cyst Excision in a 2-Year-Old Child.
  • In Nov 2013 published paper in Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.3, and Issue.11 “Guillian Barre Syndrome– Anesthetic Management of Tibialis Posterior Tendon Transfer Surgery for Foot Drop.

Dr. Geetanjali Akhade

Position: Consultant


Education: She has completed DNB, DA from Talegaon Medical College, Pune and KEM hospital, Pune

Dr. Lisa Prakash

Position: Consultant


Education: She completed post-graduation in anesthesiology. She was DA from KLE University and DNB Anesthesia from Sahyadri hospital Pune.

Experience: Dr. Lisa is working with Noble hospital since 2012 as an anesthesiology consultant. Before joining Noble, she has worked with Columbia Asia Malaysia as Jr. Consultant.

Expertise: In Columbia Asia Malaysia she used to perform few tasks like - anesthesia for routine surgery, anesthesia for emergency surgical cases, sedation for endoscopy, critical care, labor analgesia, and much more.

She delivers adequate post-operative care to those who underwent surgery under the effect of surgical anesthesia. Also, she manages severe pain cases.

Dr. Avinash Londhe

Position: Consultant Cardiac Anesthetist